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Escrima is a dynamic, complete martial art that utilises both weapons and empty-handed combat. If you are interested in getting fit, learning something new or serious about learning skills to protect yourself and others in a real confrontation, then Escrima is for you. 

Escrima, also known as Kali, Arnis​ or FMA, is a comprehensive martial art originating from the Philippines. Modern Escrima has evolved into a practical, realistic, self-defence martial art suited to the violent situations you may encounter today.

We begin training with a single stick, a simple, inexpensive tool that is readily available. This training lays the foundations of the body mechanics required to use all weapons and also enables you to utilise everyday objects, such as a pen or mobile phone, into effective weapons. This also transfers to all aspects of unarmed combat. ​​​Escrima uses only techniques that work and are instinctive. 

We train in the Escrima concepts of Grandmaster Steve Tappin, ​who teaches armed and unarmed martial arts worldwide.

Benefits of Escrima

Escrima has many benefits including;

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Higher state of awareness
  • Improvement of manual dexterity, reflexes and hand-eye coordination
  • Better overall fitness, strength and flexibility

 Escrima, Kali, Arnis, weapons based Martial Arts, Street Self Defence.
Escrima SW London

Instructor | Jason Potter

Jason is a certified Instructor of Escrima Concepts and has been training in this system since 2009.  He is a qualified Instructor in Escrima Concepts and has run his own club in South West London for the last seven years.

​​Having been involved in martial arts for the last 20 years, Jason is also a qualified Instructor of Wing Chun, of which he holds a 1st Technician grade, the equivalent of a 1st Dan Black Belt. He ran his own club before discovering his passion for the art of Escrima, which he believes is honest, effective, instinctive and has everything a self-defence martial art needs.